The Test that Could Decide our Future…

Juniors prepare to take the ACT

As the ACT test is coming up in April, the test that could very well determine the outcome of our future, the students here at BHS are starting to realize that the day is almost here, and that we need to be ready for it.  Throughout the Junior and Senior class, some will be nervous, others will be excited to see how they do, and then there will be a group of students that couldn’t care less about it. As the time nears, I thought I would catch up with some of the students to see what they’re thinking going into it?

I was able to catch up with Junior Travis Bradford, and asked him “What are your thoughts going into the test?”, he then answered with “Do well, it will help my future.”

I then proceeded to ask him “What are you most worried about?”, he then said “I’m not too worried about it.”

Then I talked to Junior Mitch Green, who had already taken it this past summer. Green, when asked, “How did you feel going into it?”, he responded with ” I had taken the Pre-ACT, so I knew what to expect, but I was still a little nervous to make easy mistakes.”

I followed up with asking Green “What will you do differently the next time?”, he then said “I’ll definitely get more sleep, and use my time more wisely. I rushed things a little too much last time, especially on the reading section.”

In conclusion, students are looking at the test in completely different ways, and I am interested to see how emotions can effect students’ overall scores on the test. After reading this article, how are you feeling going into it?

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