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Going on the Spain trip on June 10th are 30 students from BHS’ Spanish classes. In order to go on the trip, the students were required to have gone through at least the third level of Spanish, although many have gone on to Spanish 4. On the morning of June 10th, the students will get up before their normal school time in order to board their plane in Minneapolis at 8:00 AM. The plane will first land in Paris, with a four hour layover before heading to Madrid. Many activities are planned for the 10 day trip including tours of churches, museums, and a visit to the beach.

Along with activities planned, the students are looking forward to meeting their host families. They first get to their host families house that night, and the next morning they wake up, get ready for the day and go to the meeting spot they picked the night. When everyone is at the meeting spot, they continue with their day’s plans. When they get back to their host families, it will be around dinner time. They have dinner with their host families and do the same thing the next day.

“We are staying with two different host families during the trip and we don’t find out who we are staying with until three days before we leave,” said Junior Rachel Bertram.

They had a lot of preparation to do before going to Spain. In order to purchase things in Spain they had to buy euro’s. One American dollar is currently 0.92 euros. Bertram has $200 cash to spend in Spain, but has a credit card as well if she needs more money while she’s there. Besides getting extra money to spend on the trip, the actual amount they had to save up to go on the Spain trip is $3,400 for 10 days.

“I am so excited to tour Madrid. I want to see all the house’s and how close they are together and they are just so pretty and it’s so antique everywhere, we are walking everywhere as well.” Said Junior Rachel Bertram.

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