Google Applications Are Becoming More Widespread

Google is no longer just used in our school as a search engine. Google offers different applications such as, Google Docs and Google Sites. Teachers around our school are using Google applications to get students more connected with each other and to try someting new. Mr. Robinson, Ms. Tamty, Mr. Cox, Ms. Hagstrom, and Mr. Squadroni are a few teachers trying this out.

“Google applications make teacher’s jobs some what easier, much easier to collaberate, share, it saves money and paper,” said Yearbook and Journlism 2 teacher Ryan McCallum.

Google Docs makes it easy to share presentations, documents, and spreadsheets with anyone who has an account. Every sudent now has an account on Google through the school. There are seminars held for teachers teaching them how to use it and utilize it in their classrooms. Teachers are working on making Google applications more widespread around our school and to make more teachers aware of this new tool.

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