Why stay in school when you can graduate early?

Summer is right around the corner, and nobody is more eager to move on and experience something new than the seniors are. As 3rd quarter is coming to an end, and graduating early is becoming a topic often brought up, many seniors are left with a tough choice. They are hesitant whether they should graduate early or not.


Many students are worried about their high school career coming to an end so soon and aren’t ready to leave. Parents play a huge role in these challenging decisions as well.


“No i’m not graduating early because my mom doesn’t think it would be a good idea,” said senior Kate Leipholtz. “I wanted to try to make some extra money for school before I leave in August, but we decided I should just spend my last months with my friends.”


Certain classes are keeping some seniors from graduating early. CIS (College in school) classes are a great opportunity for students to earn the credits early on that they will need for college this fall.


“No, I could because I have enough credits,” explains senior Stephanie Johnson. “But i’m enrolled in CIS classes this term that I need to finish and i’m only in high school once, and i’d like to get the most out of it.”


Other students are thrilled with the opportunity to graduate early. Taking advantage of the fact that they are given this right.


“I got all my credits and got extra credits doing extended classes.” Says senior Taylor Triplett

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