Preparation is key for positive Driver Test results

A driver’s license is one of the most important things to have in order to get around from place to place. Most students here at BHS take there test while they are juniors and seniors. Many teenagers associate the rite of passage of getting their license with freedom, but with it comes the responsibility of practicing your driving skills.

“Try to feel relaxed when taking the test. I almost failed because I got so nervous trying to parallel park. You can’t be nervous, or else you’ll mess up,” said Junior Jonathan Miller. “I practiced about 40 hours for my test and it helped me a lot.  I was able to execute all the things I had practiced perfectly.”

An informal survey was conducted asking how nervous students felt while taking the test.  Of the 100 people who responded to the survey roughly 6 out of 10 felt nervous. I also asked them how many times they had to take a driver’s test before they received their license.  The average was 2 attempts in order to receive the much sought after prize of independence. Out of 100 students 74 of them took drivers ed and their test in Buffalo.

“To prepare for my test, I drove around downtown Buffalo a lot, mostly practicing hill parking,” said Junior Jack Larson. “I was nervous that I would parallel park wrong, but when I got my license, I was so relieved.”

Preparing to take a test for driving skills is no different than getting behind the wheel. Those who drive must always be ready to react and be proactive. The test is a reminder of the responsibility for yourself and other passengers as well as the general public.

“It helps to teach you adult responsibilities,” said Senior Lucas Leiferman.

Photo credit:  Emily Linderholm

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