The Perfect Spots

Those four unknown parking spots in the student parking lot. Those tempting front row spots that have no handicap or visitor parking signs. The dream spot for your ride. Just a short little walk into and out of the school and none of that parking lot chaos. The ones that are always empty, but everyone is too scared to park in them. Why are they always open, as I recall we have never been told we can not park there, but you may not want to start.

“Those spots are mainly used for school events. We have those spots and there are constantly people pulling up and picking people up all the time. Or like a basketball game or something in the gym they use those spots almost as a pull in instead of having all the cars pulling aside the curb and causing a traffic jam, people are in and out of those spots all the time.” Said Principal Mark Mischke “As for students parking there (during the school day) on a regular bases, I wouldn’t recommend it.”

Some students have tried the risk to see what would happen but they don’t have too much success.

“Yeah I parked there one day and they didn’t like that too much,” said Senior Casey Anderson. “They told me to move it and if I park there again they will boot my car.”

There are some exceptions to using the parking spots during the day, such as if you have an injury but no handicap sticker, than you may be allowed to park there if you need a shorter walk.

“We kind of use them flexibly and with 1800 kids we’re always going to have something unique like that,” said Mischke.

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