Top 3 Electives

As you may know there are a few electives classes that students absolutely want to take, but what are these classes?

The class that I found that was most selected for an elective class was woods 1 and 2. In this class you build a coffee table out of red oak wood. In woods 2 you get to build two end tables of red oak as well, this class is a hands on class and not much book/homework is required.

“I liked that you were able to work on your own and not be guided along the whole time.” said Junior Reed Morehouse

The second most chosen class is competitive team sports. In this class you play games in the gym such as, volleyball, basketball, floor hockey, and more. At the end of the term you get to create a game of your own and make up the rules.

“I like that kids are competitive in the class that is what makes the class fun.” said Senior Josh Robinson.

The third class that I found was taken most was Journalism 1 and 2. In this class you get write stories for the Hoofprint and Hoofprint.net. You also learn about journalism, journalists and how to be one.

Freshman Mitch Bunting said “In Journalism 1 I liked how we liked at things from different angles and got different perspectives. .”

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Ben Rodelius

I like Duck hunting.

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