The Sub We Can’t Forget

Some people are hard to forget at Buffalo High School.  You might know the person personally, make a connection with them, or just not able to forget them.  There is one person at BHS that is hard to forget: Mr. Thayer.  He might be one of the best and oldest substitute teachers at BHS.

“I have been a sub since 1995,” Said Thayer.

For most of us seniors he has been a sub for our whole life. As we are trying to figure out what our future career will be, Thayer has always known that teaching and subbing would be in his future.

“I liked teaching full time, so I knew that I would like subbing.  I even thought I would like subbing more since I wouldn’t have to work everyday, but I do work a lot of days” Thayer said.

Even though he thought he wouldn’t be working everyday it seems like he is here all the time.  Someone might have him for an english sub one day and social studies the next.  Not having a constant schedule could stress out certain people, but that doesn’t happen with Thayer.

“…that is one nice thing, not doing the same things, because variety is always nice,” Said Thayer.

It is definitely true that Thayer likes variety.  When he was in college he had a cleaning job that paid him $50 a month, covering his room and board fees.  Then he started teaching in Hulley, Minnesota but he didn’t like teaching there that much.  So he resigned from that position and started to sell sporting equipments to students. But Thayer knew that after awhile he would eventually go back to teaching and that is exactly what he did.

He taught in Barrett and Benson Minnesota, but it was Kimbal that he spent most of his teaching career.  He was in Kimbal for 32 years.  Then after that he started his subbing career.

“My first year subbing I was at a number of schools like: Becker, Big Lake, and Albertville.  Buffalo is by far the best school by the way they [teachers] run it and how the students act,” Thayer commented.

Although Thayer does teach something different everyday he still loves all the kids he encounters.

“I just enjoy being around students ‘cause there is a lot of personalities and I haven’t had any problems with any of the students,” Said Thayer.

Since Thayer doesn’t have a problem with any students he will stay here at BHS as long as he likes or, “ ‘Till I drop over,” Thayer jokingly said, “no I don’t know.  Until they [staff] get sick of me.  I will miss subbing when I’m not able to anymore.”

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