Crowning of King and Queen, who will win?

On the evening of September 21, 2009 the 2009-2010 Homecoming candidates will join together in the BHS Performing Arts Center to crown this years Homecoming King and Queen. Coronation will be starting at 7:30 and finish sometime around 8:30, anyone is welcome to come watch. This years Homecomig candidates include a wide variety of personalities, so it will be a tough decision as to who will be crowned.

“Well I think Brent Kettenacker is going to win Homecoming King and Lizzy Lundebrek is going to win Homecoming Queen because they both are just awesome people.” Said Junior Matthew Lingo.

Candidates include 8 girls and 8 boys. The Homecoming King candidates are: Tucker Vogt, Domanick Bainey, Brent Kettenacker, Joel Morehouse, Billy Ogdahl, Robert Malmstein, Neil Gleason, and Jake Letsinger. The Homecoming Queen candidates are: Frances Varner, Ashley Michalko, Maggie O’Donnell, Brielle Colebank, Kristin Jeske, Lizzy Lundebrek, Kristen Grundman, and Hannah Brecht .  Having quite the variety brings the students to stand strong in there opinion as to who is going to win and who they want to win.

“I actually didnt even expect to be a candidate, but I do think that going into it from a candidates point of view its going to be very close. I can see each candidate winning so I guess its going to be a tough call.” said Senior Homecoming candidate Joel Morehouse.

Monday evening come and watch to see who can then call themselves Homecoming King and Queen of 2009-2010 instead of just a candidate. Its a special event for being apart of High School you do not want to miss. The results can end up surprising  all who will be watching, you never know what can happen!?

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