Do boys or girls make deeper friendships?

PsychologyToday says that once a friendship is established through self disclosure and mutual action in a relationship. Then it can be called a permanent friendship with that person. But when its the same sex-friendships  it is going to be more well developed and they can understand what that person is going through better, so they can give better advice to help them.

Many adults believe that some how boys don’t need as many friends as girls do and that’s a myth but the truth is that boys cherish their friends from child hood all the way through adulthood says family education.

” Having nothing in common is how I make my friends,” said Senior John Wirkkala. ” That way I have more things to talk about.”

” You need to have respect if your going to have good friends,” said Junior Hannah Lochner.

Friends are a good thing you always want one where ever you are. You truly can  never have to many friends in your life, they will be there for you if you ask them to and let them know you need help. It most likely that you and your friends will get into fights, but that’s kind of expected. You can’t say you have never ever fought with your friends before can you? It’s impossible to not have a fight with your true friends or any of your friends.

“Personality and the way they talk, ” said Junior Michelle Lee.

It’s even harder for her finding friends because she can’t see what they look like. So she chooses them by how they talk to her and that way she can picture how they could look in person.

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