Some students actually celebrate May Day

May day, or May 1st is commonly only known for dropping baskets on peoples front door steps, but what you may not know is that there is actual history behind May day.

In 1806 it was not uncommon to be working for 19 to 20 hour work days. Workers went on strike for a long time and eventually got a 10 hour work day, but in 1856 they enforced an “8 hours work, 8 hours recreation and 8 hours rest.” It was officially set on May 1st, now known as May day.

“I celebrate May Day every year by giving my parents a surprise on their front door step,” said Sophomore Macena Kaiser. “Sometimes I even surprise my friends with it too.”

Some ways people could celebrate May Day is with May Day baskets. They can consist of flowers, candies, and notes. Most people drop them off on front door steps by ringing the door bell and hiding near the house.

“I had no clue what May Day is,” said Junior Will Hancock. “I wish I would have known earlier because then I could have surprised my family every year.”

A lot of people do not know about May Day, but when mentioned they remember the words “May Day baskets.” May Day is a nice way of showing somone that you care about them and is also a nice surprise.

Photos by Addison Thein

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