Orchestra performs contemporary and classic concert (with concert audio tracks)

Buffalo High School featured it’s Concert Orchestra, Chamber Strings, and Symphony Orchestra in the Performing Arts Center last night. Music Teacher Mike Knutson directed the entire evening.

Orchestra is an all year long class. They have seven concerts a year and have been practicing for this one all quarter. Knutson was very proud of the performers.

“The concert went great, I am very pleased,” said Knutson. “We had a wide variety of music and we nailed it all.”

The Concert Orchestra opened the night with The Star-Spangled Banner and the audience was encouraged in singing along.  They opened with two classical pieces, “Symphony No. 29” by W. A. Mozart and “Cantibile (from Symphony No. 5).” Their final piece was a contemporary piece called “Reflexions” by  composer Carold Nunez.

The concert included featured artists on two songs. Junior Michael Swearingen with the violin and Junior Leif Nelson had a vocal solo while Freshman Nicholas Swearingen played the guitar on a cover of the Beatles’ song “Yesterday”.

“I chose it because of the instrumentation,” said Knutson, ” If you listen to the recording that was how it was originally recorded.  We listened to the recording a lot.  Mostly because their are so many arrangements of it, I read that it was the most covered record of all time.  Nobody does it the original way and I thought it would be cool to go back to it.  And it just all fell into place.”

Listen to “Yesterday”.

The entire Concert Orchestra entered the stage again and joining them were select wind instrument players.  The Symphony Orchestra finished the concert with an unfinished piece.  “Symphony No. 8 in B Minor” was a favorite among many audience members.

“Schubert finished two movements of the four,” said Knutson,  “and no one is sure why it’s unfinished.  It’s one of my favorite pieces.  I’ve been wanting to do it for a while.  This was an appropriate level for our orchestra.  Challenging, but not overwhelming.”

Listen to “Symphony No. 8”.

Up Next: Fundraising

The chamber strings, BHS singers, treble singers, and Jazz Ensemble 1 are all hosting a fundraiser Saturday March 17th at 7:00p.m.

The fundraiser is for these students to go to New York. They are leaving April 25 and coming back on April 30. They will be performing in New York at a festival and being judged.

Buy your tickets for Night Out for Music, before Friday for $10 adult and $8 student or at the door $2 extra. They will be having a silent auction and a dessert extravaganza during intermission.

Story by Burgandy Mallinger and Marah Moy

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  1. Amazing talent!  Today’s youth are stretched and developed in ways that put past generations to shame.  I, for one, am incredibly proud of our youth, and our community’s support of them.  Keep stretching, kids.  I cannot wait to see how far you are able to go!!