Let’s Talk About Ink

From the moment I turned fourteen, I knew that I wanted to get a tattoo. I just wasn’t sure where or of what, I just knew that I really, really wanted one.
On July 1 of 2010, a new law was passed announcing that minors were no longer allowed to get tattoos, even with permission from their parents, in the state of Minnesota. Upon hearing this news, I was upset because I was planning on getting mine once I turned sixteen.
“I got my tattoo the day before the law passed when I was sixteen. I was so happy that I scheduled it for that day,” said graduate Carly Winkelman.
Two weeks before my eighteenth birthday I went to Bear Nasty Tattoo in Becker with a friend who was getting her second one. Seeing it happen set it in stone that I was sure I was going to get a tattoo. Within the next few days we called and set up an appointment for me to get one.
On February 3, I drove away from Becker with a brand new tattoo on my right shoulder. It hurt but it was worth it.
“I think the law is dumb. You should be in charge of your own body and the art that goes on it,” said Senior Emily Tushar.

I can understand why the law was passed, a lot of teenagers might not be mentally ready for a tattoo. They could also end up regretting it for the rest of their life if it turned out badly.
“I was really excited about my tattoo. I love it and it was worth the pain,” said Senior Laura Herzog. “I didn’t mind waiting because I felt I was mature enough for it.”
If you are planning on getting one, make sure that you are absolutely positive with where you want it and what you want it to look like. My thoughts on tattoos are if they’re not tasteful then don’t get one. You wouldn’t want to be walking around with a giant middle finger on the side of your face would you?
“I’ve waited to get my tattoo for almost four years now, it’s a part of me that is going to add to my appearance, my own little piece of sunshine. I understand that I have to wait until I’m an adult and it’s a pain but it gives me plenty of time to revise my design,” said Senior Allesson Stensing.
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