Who are students’ real life heroes?

Spiderman, Batman and Iron Man are comic book heroes that we love because they fight crimes and save people, but who are students’ real life heroes?

For Junior Donna Peterson, her sister is her hero.

“She’s always there for me when I need someone to talk to or if I’m having a bad days she can always make me feel better,” said Peterson.

   Sometimes heroes are teachers.

Junior Amanda Letsinger said, “Mr. [Jon] Holtz, because he is inspiring and hardworking. Not only is he a full-time teacher but an amazing coach as well. He is honest and upfront which is hard for a lot of people,so it makes him a unique individual whom I look up to and admire for his honesty he treats everyone the same and is very selfless.”

Senior Megan Millman of Belle Plaine recently fought leukemia and won, but it’s not the fact that she had cancer that makes her a hero its how she handled it. During it all she never let it stop her from being with friends and family and doing the things she loves. Another reason she’s a great hero is when she was offered her wish from the make a wish foundation, she gave away her wish to a family who had just lost there son to cancer and could no longer take their family to Florida for the boys’ wish.
In the end we all have someone who we look up to for inspiration or guidance whether they are real people or from a comic book.
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